How can I add pages to the theme

I don't find its clear on how to add new pages to the theme? For example I need to create 3 different pages for service types - do I do this in pages or posts? or somewhere else. 


  • My other issue is the demo says there is an 'about us' page and 'services' how come I can access any of this? Or is there a video tutorial
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    Let's take step by step process.
    To show about us page like our demo you need to use about us page template.
    Go to Pages>> Add new  pages >>  And select template as your need.
    More help see the snapshot

    Same way for service page. 
    To set up content in our theme also read theme help docs link. 
    Let me know for further assistance.


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    Did the above solution work for you.
  • Yes thank you! 
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