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How can I get help with a custom request?  I would like the little sign
inside the pink banner (with the tel number) to remain white.  And the
tel number + text to change color when the theme color changes.
Would appreciate help with this request.
Thank You, Cynthia


  • Means you want a sign of a telephone before the text "Call Now!" like this ( Screenshot ) and want the telephone number remains in the white text color always but the text color of "Call Now!" would be changed with the theme color changing.

    Let me confirm again, please!

  • Hi Imraz

    addr-bg.png image remains white.

    The "Call Now!" + "telephone number" text color would be changed with the theme color changing.
  • Hi, @celebrate

    It seems you have added the custom CSS to change the color of both "Call Now" + "Telephone number" otherwise by default it is working like the same you want.

    If it is then please be first remove it from there.

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    Dear @Imraz  and Team,

    I have a question regarding banner customization. I have tried every thing but it didn't work so I am writing here now.

    I am able to add image to the banner BUT I want the banner to be a little longer in height so it shows all the image and background should be a little clear. I have attached a screenshot of one page. I have added an image below the banner to show the clarity I want in the banner itself. So I want my banner to look like the image below BUT with will width,

  • 1a.  'Call Now' is back to default color. 
    1b.  The telephone number is back to default also.
    1c.  I want 'Call Now' + 'The telephone number' to be the same color please.

    2.   How can I make the addr-bg.png image to remain white (not change color)

    Thank You

  • @pangeasaudi, please post your query in a new discussion thread.

    1) Use the below custom CSS to paste in the theme's custom CSS box to make the text color to be same for both "Call Now" + Telephone number

    /*call and phone number text color*/
    .addr-detail address, .addr-detail address > strong  {
        color: #560e55 !important;
    /*call and phone number text color*/

    2) Image: addr-bg.png is a png image, we only can change its background color. You can use the below custom CSS to set the bg color:

    /*image bg color*/
    .addr-detail {
        background: url(images/addr-bg.png) no-repeat scroll 0 0 #ffffff !important;
        border-radius: 10px;
    /*image bg color*/

    If not need to round up the edges you can remove border-radius: 10px or change 10 to the 0

    Let me know did it work!

  • Thank You Imraz-yes some of that CSS was very helpful.  One last thing-How can I adjust the font size of '"Call Now". 
  • Hi,

    Use the below custom CSS to increase only the font-size of "Call Now":

    /*call-now banner on slider*/
    .addr-detail > address{
    font-size: 20px;
    /*call-now banner on slider*/

    Let me know did it work!

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