Missing "+" for telephone


I think there is an issue for the contact details in wallstreet.

I am using for my contact details the international telephone number format starting with the "+"  in front. On top of the page inside the header this "+" was added  by the theme itself, but on the contact us page template it's not. So writing the "+" in the contact details is causing that on the header there are 2 "+". 

I could fix this by changing the template, but I think a theme update from the development team would be much more convenient.

Thank you


  • edited February 2019

    Just refer to the screenshot: http://prntscr.com/mgfq2g

    Just edit to remove the + sign only, don't try to remove anything else.

    Let me know did it work!

  • Worked Thank you.

    Will this change be overwritten after there is an update for the theme ?
  • Yes, it would be removed after an update of the theme. Just create a child theme ( ignore it already using ) and in the child theme folder paste the header.php file copied from the parent theme directory (WallStreet PRO theme folder).

    Or just after create the child theme, you can place THIS file into the child theme folder.

    Save the changes and activate the child theme.

    Let me know if any confusion!

  • Fine will do this.

    Thank you
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