Cannot access to the wp-login page


I cannot access to the wp-login page. Does this has something to do with the server? When I click *websitename*/wp-login, it gives me access to the website home page but not to the dashboard. 



  • Hi, @francesc75

    However, your issue is related to WordPress not comes under the theme support. Could you please tell us when after does this happens. Are you logging the first time after the WordPress installation?

    Maybe this happens coz you have placed the WordPress files in a subdirectory or subfolder. If it is then you have to add either subdirectory /wp-login.php or subdirectory/login/ to the end of your site’s URL.

    For example: or www.machothemes/wordpress/wp-login.php

    Let me know if it helps you!

  • I managed to get into the wp login page. Thank you!

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