Portfolio mouse over/hover is not working as expected

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I created some projects and filled them with content.
If i open the generated project URLs, the design looks like I expect.

When opening a page with the portfolio template, and hovering on the projects the whole content (text & images) is beeing scrolled up.
The problem is, that it looks bad, and second, the link is beeing scrolled out of the view.

Why does the hovering over the project image lead to displaying the whole content, it should only be the title.

See my attached images.

Thank you

2019-02-16 21_28_02-Window.png
2019-02-16 21_27_50-Window.png
2019-02-16 21_27_17-Window.png
2019-02-16 21_23_17-Window.jpg


  • Hi 

    Please adeactivate all your plugin one by one and then check. If also its not working of you share the page url with us so we can take a closer look and assist you better.

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