Hi, i would like a refund as the theme does not fit my business as i thought it would. I'm from the EU and am within 2 weeks of purchase. I have had no technical difficulties while using the theme and recommend it to anyone who has a start-up to use as webpage :)


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    Hi, @henk123

    Thanks for contacting us!

    Can you please tell us what additional you need in the theme? Maybe it would be possible for us to provide you with simple customization.

    Let us know about it, please!

  • Too little customiseability. I liked how it looked. Yet, i need much more than a frontpagw :) i'm building a website for a community -- not as business.
  • Can i get a refund?
  • Support? 
  • I forward your refund query to our admin department they will contact(refund) you ASAP.
  • Refund Initiated...
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