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Where is the css code on Appointment Pro to change the opacity of the body text?
I would like to make it darker.


  • Hi quantest

    If you want to make more darker paragraph text you did not need to change body opacity. just make the more darker paragraph color. 

    Copy the below code and past in theme custom css box.

    Wpdashboard >> Appearance >> customize >> header settings >> custom css 

    body p {
        color: #0e0e0e !important;

    Change the color code as your need.

    Let me know did it work for you.

  • Thank you for your answer.
    I understand what you write but I can not find the equivalent of "header settings".
    In the last position of Appearance >> customize >>, (in french language) I have "Theme Layout Manager" and in penultimate place I have "Banner sttings". How much higher up I must go? 
  • ok, ok, I found, now I'm trying
  • it works !
    Thanks very much
  • <ol>, <ul> lists remain too clear...
    Do you can to help me?
  • it -is ok, thanks.
  • Hi

    If your issue resolved can i close this ticket.

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