Text on slide

Hi, is it possible to change the postition of the title and text placed on a slide?


  • Hi geopus

    Please explain where you want to move the title and text of the slide. Kindly share your site URL so we assist you better.

  • There is not text on my site because i disabled it.
    I'm talking about the slide-caption, class 'container'
  • Hi geopus

    Ok kindly add the below css code in Additional css box for change the position of slide-caption.

    .slide-caption {
    top: 57%;
    left: 35%;

    Let me know did it work.

  • edited January 2019
    Hi geopus

    Did your issue resolve?

  • hi,

    i decided not to use the text and will probably switch to another theme.
    pls close
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