Problem with the format of individual Service pages

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The text on individual service pages is pushed to the right like a sidebar. The text need to be formatted and wrapped around the featured image like you fix the About-Us page (example: See Capture9.png.

(this issue was issue #4 in and it is still not solved)

Please provide solution.

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    I believe I solved this problem by adding a line and removing few lines from single-healthcenter_service.php in the child theme. The results are shown in Capture14.jpg.

    Please go over my comments in the attached single-healthcenter_service.txt and confirm that this is how the problem should be fixed. If this is the correct fix, please roll this into future theme updates.

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    single-healthcenter_service - Copy.txt
  • hi

    Thanks for a great reply regarding wrapping of css. In previous file col-md-8 was for image and col-md-4 for content. So content part was look like a sidebar. And in your updated file you use col-md-12 i.e hold full size and inside it use col-md-6 for image and remaining area for content.

    Again thanks

    Can we close this ticket.


  • Yes, please roll this fix in future updates.
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