Having trouble upgrading Lite theme to Pro

I have been using the LazyProf theme to build a new site. I upgraded to Pro today. I followed instructions on downloading the FTP and uploading it, except Wordpress says the zip file is too big to upload. Excuse me? Why would this company make themes that are too large for Wordpress? Am I missing something? Did I just waste $60??


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    Thanks for contacting to us. 
    It generally happens due to low memory size on your server.
    Pls upload theme via FTP utility ,To uplaod theme via FTP utility refer below link.


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    Can I just get a refund? I am uninterested in continuing to use this theme. 
  • Hi 
    Send me your FTP account and WordPress  admin detail at my email address. 

    I will install theme for you.
    If we are unable to resolve your issue , we will refund you.

  • Absolutely not, my IT team will not allow me to pass of our sensitive info to strangers on the internet. We would like a refund please, otherwise we will go thru necessary channels of disputing the charge and reporting to Better Business Bureau. 
  • No problem Refunded.
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