visability of category description of posts

Hi, any way to add the category description text

normaly below should do this but where to putt it in the quality theme ?

<?php echo category_description( $category_id ); ?>


  • Hi, @fwittenb

    Could you please tell us by screenshot where do you want to show this description text. According to that, I will tell you the file on which you can add this PHP code.

  • sorry for the delay in answering.

    I would like to have the description field appear below the big category title font and above the blue line.

    Really apreciated thanks.

    Screenshot 2019-01-25 at 00.34.30.png
  • Hi, @fwittenb

    Sorry! we can't recognize the screenshot match with the theme. Either share your site URL or if done any such customization for this then if possible share your admin login details on email address: [email protected]

    Then I would be able to tell exactly where you should put this code.

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