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I just love the appointment theme pro, as i bought it yesterday! 

How do i add a custom field with a email adress and phone number? In the team section.

And is it possible to make a category for each part of the company? If i have booth adminstration, leaders, authors, and a lot of other areas. So that i can choose what department i want to see the employees 

I have made a child theme because of a ticket plugin where there is some custom design. So if i can do something that way. 
I am not a coder and know only a very little. 


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  • Hi, @pyrotestdk

    Categorization for the team section would not be possible, however for the additional email and phone number icons we can provide by the custom code.

    Install Advanced Custom Fields plugin and create two custom fields just refer the attached screenshot at below.
    Download file ( https://files.fm/f/9knuzshm ) and place it in the child theme.
    Now, you can use the custom CSS to paste it in the theme's custom CSS box from this LINK
    For a team member now you can add two more fields i.e phone & email: SCREENSHOT

    Let me know did it work!

    team custom.png
  • It does not work quite well. 

    The phone number and email does not appear, i have done exactly as yo has written, but somehow it shows the phone icon in the picture, and it is a email adress not the phone number.
    And it should not be possible to click on it i think. 
  • I have given the link above to download a file ie. about.php 

    Delete it, replace that file with this updated about.php file ( Download Link )

    Set phone and the contact href link in this pattern as below:

    tel:1-847-555-5555 for phone
    mailto:[email protected] for email

    Let me know again about it!

  • Where do i put that info? I am not sure where to put it. 
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    You have to put these for your added additional contact and email field in a team member edit page. ( Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/m683u0 )

    If needed you can share your admin details on my email address ( [email protected] ) I will add this change at our end.
  • I have send you a email. 

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    Please check now and let us know again.
  • How to add now then? 

    Is it with the things above or? 

    And is it possible to make so that when you push phone it opens a litlle box with the number inside? 
  • I have now changed the method now the download link: https://files.fm/f/agfvpcug
    and custom field name change from phone and email to phone1 and email1 respectively.

    And now little box even open to show the contact number. You can check again.
  • I can't see any changes. 
    When i am checking for the box. 

    And is there a way to avoid the:

    tel:1-847-555-5555 for phone
    mailto:[email protected] for email

    So i don't have to write "mailto:" and tel:
  • Did you just install wp filemanager? 
    To change some of the coding? 

    As i don't recall to have installed it. 
  • Yes, I have installed the wp file manager, I have replied on your mail have you checked?
  • Looks great :D 
  • Glad to know about it!

    You can rate us with your kind review HERE

    Thanks for contacting us :)
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