Loading box in the buttom

I have a box in the buttom loading, if i push it, it changes pages, how to remove that? 


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    We appreciate you being patient with us.

    If possible share your website url. So that we can take a look and assist you better.



  • I have added a screenshot of it. My site is totally closed as of the rebuild. 

    It is only in the theme appointment pro, i have tested all the other themes i have. 
    error 1.PNG
  • And another problem. 

    My Latest news thing - Shows not the correct category.
    It is somehow that it works with the slider. When mark Show slider post in Latest News 
    In the settings, it show the correct categories. 

    I am using the post part to make news and stuff, not everything is a slider part. How do i change so it is not coming in the slider. So it is not depending on if it is a slider or not, maybe a deactivate slider in post would be a way as a standard. 
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    Never bundle multiple query in single thread bz it create complexity to handle better support query.
    For your button loading issue.
    Let me know are you using any plugin if yes kindly deactivate all plugin one by one and check your issue resolve or not.
    Bz it may be any plugin conflict with the theme.

    Let me know for further assistance.

  • Okay i will then create another ticket with the other problem. 

    I will try that.
  • It was a plugin not in use causing the error
  • HI 
    If you allow can I close this ticket ?

  • Do that, no further need of this. 
  • Okay thx.
    Look forward see you again at webriti.
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