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Is it possible to modify the "team setting?"  I want to 
1- delete the "role heading" section 
2- delete the thumbnails.  
3- widen the space for the text

I have busiprof pro.  
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  • Hi, @khamblinhart

    Please try to paste the custom CSS to paste in the custom CSS box from the LINK.

    Let me know if further need any assistance!

  • That worked!

    However, the spacing between the description of team members is off, it's not equally spaced in the columns.  Can that be fixed?  
    And, is there a way to link text in the team member descriptions and also in the title or description in the Team Setting Theme?

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  • Hi, @khamblinhart

    Please share your site URL so that I could help you better.


    The section is right after the slider, with a photo of a monarch butterfly in the background.  I'm trying to use the Team section theme as a text box, since I haven't been able to add a box using a child theme and such.  

    Ideally, I'd like the font larger, easier to read, and to be able to add some links to specific words.  I've just used each "team description" as a place for a small bit of text, I think you'll see what I mean when you look at it.

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    You even want to increase the font size and to add links to specific words in the description text. 

    1) To increase the font-size just pase the below custom CSS in your theme's custom CSS box:
    /*team font size*/
    .team p{
    font-size: 25px;/*change value 25 to increase/decrese the font size*/
    /*team font size*/

    2) To enable to save the anchor HTML tag in the description field, you manually have to add some custom code in the parent theme's functions.php file. Edit the functions.php file, then scroll to very last of the code and paste THIS custom code (to add up the custom code in the existing code) and save it.

    And also download to place THIS file in the child theme of the BusiProf PRO theme.

    Now you can put anchor tag in the description field. for eg: try with this below text to save in for the team description:-
    Have you found yourself <a href=''>questioning</a>; some of the truths you were taught in your religious community?

    Use the Custom CSS to set the color of the anchor link text word if needed:
    /*team anchor color*/
    .team p a{
    color: #00efbe;/*change color code you want*/
    /*team anchor color*/

    Let me know did it work or can share your admin details on my email address ([email protected]) to add this change by us.

  • Hi!  I was able to make the text size changes, but not the hyperlink stuff.  Also, I noticed that the columns in the team section have some variations (i'll show below) and I'm wondering if that is causing the columns not to line up.  It's under this section:

    column 1    div.col-m-6.col-sm-col.col-xs-12  585px x 155px
    column 2    div.col-m-6.col-sm-col.col-xs-12  585px x 130px
    column 3    div.col-m-6.col-sm-col.col-xs-12  585px x 130px
    column 4    div.col-m-6.col-sm-col.col-xs-12  585px x 155px
    column 5    div.col-m-6.col-sm-col.col-xs-12  585px x 180px
    column 6    div.col-m-6.col-sm-col.col-xs-12  585px x 180px

    What admin information do you need to make the other changes?

    thank you!

  • If possible please share your login details to my email address: [email protected]

    So I could debug and able to add this change to your site. Above custom code, I have tested its working fine at our end.

    And Otherwise, if you want only to attach a link to the whole text instead of specific work then it would have a more easy solution.

  • Thank you for your help!!  It's nice to have your support when I am so new to all of this.

  • Glad to help you!

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    Thanks for contacting us :)
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