change home page

When I try to change the home page of my site, nothing happens.
i change option "last posts" for "static page", but, still the starting page appears.
can you help me ?


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    Thanks for contacting to us.
    Let me  confirm are you want to show static page as a home page. 
    And you don't want home page like our demo.
    Pls confirm us so that we can assist you better. 

  • Hi. 
    Yes, i dont like your demo home page. i want my custon home page. it is finished with name "home".
  • Hello
    To do so, you need to create a child theme, For creating a child theme refers this link
    Ignore if you have already created child theme .After it  Create a new file in the child theme with name  front-page.php  and edit it, then paste the code in it from

    Save changes and activate your child theme.
    To  set front page  as static page . 
    Kindly go to Setting >> Reading > >Your home page display >>  Select  Static Page.

    Let me know for further assistance .

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