How to edit WBR:Header Widget?

Hi Support team, 

I added 3 WBR: Header Widget at the footer, it shows like this screenshot:,
How can i arrange them to make it show like this: ;  ? (I must use WBR, because i the function: when i click the phone, it will launch my dialboard.)
My site:


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    Hi, @woolars

    You can achieve the same features like as in the WBR: Header Widget via this custom HTML.

    Just put this custom HTML in the Custom HTML widget which should be placed at the footer widget area. ( Screenshot )

    It looks something like

    * Edit custom HTML after paste into the Custom HTML Widget. Can edit HTML <i> tag for classes, <a> for links and the respective text.
    * You can refer the link to get the font awesome classes:

    Let me know did it work!

  • Hi, @woolars

    Another way just install Simple Custom CSS and JS plugin & Add JS Code from this link:

    Let me know if done!

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    Dear Imraz, 

    It's really a great experience to see you help me with the questions. Webriti team should feel wonderful to have you work with them. 

    Thank you for you 2 solutions, both wonderful, in order to have less plution, so i would like to take your first solution.

    Thank you so so much, work perfect

    And i would like to share my experience to other users may have same question:
    if you want to add phone in custoize link plz refer below:
     <li><i class="fa fa-phone></i><a href="tel:12345678" target="_blank"> Call us: 12345678</a></li>
  • Thank you for your compliments!!! :)
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