Project section problem, only show items under first catefory!

Hi guys,

My site:,  Plz check this screen shot, ;
No matter which category i click, it always show the items of first category, how to solve this problem?       

thank you! 


  • which means, when i click other category, it is no function!   It can onlly shows the project of the first category. 

    Need you guys to help, thanks!
  • Hi woolars

    We just check your site console window there is lots of js error.

    Its because of js conflict issue please deactivate all you plugin one by one and then check.

  • dear Abhishek, 

    I deactived all the plugin, but still can error. (I don't know what js JS conflict, i recently added SSL and myStickymenu plugin)

    Coulld you help me out, i can provide my account and password to you.  

    Thank you so much
  • the problem still exist even I deactivate all the plugins.

    thanks for concern
  • Hi

    Ok don't worry kindly share your site login details on my email id [email protected]

    We will fixed the issue.

  • OK, i sent to your email now, please check
  • hi,
    could you please help me today? we are waiting too long, really need to solve this problem quickly!

    looking for forward to hear from you soon~thanks
  • Hi woolars

    We resolved your issue please check and let me know.

  • dear Abhishek, 

    Thank you for your kind help, sorry for the delay since i've out of my country for business trip thesedays.

    Thank you for your great help, probllem solved alrady, thanks. 
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