invalid invoice / details missing

The following detail are missing in the invoice you sent me:
my Company Name: Iconiq
my Address: Via Tirreno 45, IT 10134 Torino (Italy)
my VAT: 11877750015

your VAT number or Business ID

Please add the above information to make it valid, Thanks


  • HI 
    Thanks for purchasing our theme . 
    Okay I am forwarding your query to my account section team and let you here  . 

  • Hi 
    Our account section  team sent you  email .
    Your detail  have been correct by theme.
    Check and tell me . 

  • Hi,

    I received the email, thanks. I will send it to my account, I suppose it is ok now, I'll contact you in case.

    Kind Regards
  • Okay Sure .

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