Show only one "post category" per page

Hey dude, so i need to display just a "category" of my posts in two diferent pages. 
So for example my page is called "novidades" i need this page just to show posts related to the category "novidades" and at my page " workshops " i need to be shown only posts related to the category " workshops " 

How can we make it?
Thank u 


  • And just for saying i need that page do be like the "Blog Masonry 2 Col" not like "blog full width" as it work when i use the menu like a "category". Hope u understand
  • Hi, @grochap

    Download this FILE & place it in your Quality theme's folder or better to place in the child theme of the Quality theme.

    And set the category page to the menu like as in this screenshot:

    Let me know did it work!

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