Combine about us template with service template


I would like to combine the about us template with the service template.
To be more specific: i want the page to start with 'about the company' as shown in the demo, and followed by 'why choose us' and 'reviews'.

Thanks in advance!


  • It requires core code customize so i will suggest you to add customize code  in child theme you can read more about child theme here

    Now Follow given instructions.

    1. Create a child theme you can use this plugin to create child theme

    2. Go to in your theme directory and copy service.php and now go to in your child theme directory and paste here service.php file.

    3. Find attached code in and replace in your child theme service.php file.

    4. Activate your child theme 

    5. Now create a wp page and add the content in page container area that you want to show in your about us section like about page

    Let me know did it work.

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    Yes it works, thanks!

    But still the box above services is grey, i want to create exactly the same about the company section as shown in your demo, can you provide me with the code? so i just have to change text and image

  • Hi caymans

    To remove service section background color please add this give css code in your theme custom css box 

    .page-template-service .about-section {
        background-color: unset;

    Let  me  know did it work.

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    We have a misunderstanding.

    The problem is that i can not add text or images to the page. 
    So now my about page (using the service template) starts with Our Services followed by the icons etc.
    I want the page to start with 'About the company' exactly similar as shown on this page: followed by Our Services.
    The Our Services is already in the page so i just want to fit in the 'About the company' as shown in the link i provided under the about-us template.

  • Hi caymans

    Please have a look in screen shot did you want to create your about page exactly like this .

    Appointment WebRiti.png
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    Thanks for nothing! I have been waiting 2 weeks for an answer already...
  • Already managed to do it by myself, so you can close the topic.
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