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Where do I find the default home page to edit it.
I have a page called home  but it doesnt come with all the options to edit.



  • Hi,

    kindly specify exact what you want.

    please tell me and clearly specify me what is your issue.


  • Hi

    Our site is http://www.theotclinic.com.au/ but i cannot find the page which contains the components on the home page to edit them
    there is a page called home http://www.theotclinic.com.au/home/ but doesnt have the components in the first page to edit.
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    Kindly download the dummy data  from this LINK    and  Import the dummy data . It will give exactly  replica of our theme .

    To import the dummy data follow the instruction LINK .

    The default Home page contain different-different sections , They can be  managed  by Custom Post type .

    Slider , Service Project ects ....

    Let me know for further assistance .


  • Hi 

    Any update here ?

  • HI, 

    I imported the dummy data already before posting the question but couldn't see the same icons that are on the dummy page so I can edit them.
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    sorry for your inconvenience .

    go and follow this given below link for editing your theme pages as per as your need and requirement's

         Link .

    prefer's this link and full-fill your theme content's.

        Let me know for further assistance . 


  • Hi,

    did resolve your issue ?


  • Hi, 

    I followed the instructions mentioned above but still cant see the default home page.
    For example i want to set a static front page but cant find the page form the drop down under option>reading>
    even if i want to add the home page the the "menu", i cannot find it.

  • hii

    Could you please share your login detail, something may be going wrong in dashboard setting.
    my email address [email protected]

  • hi

    You have to follow below instruction to appear home at menu bar:

    1. Go to dashboard >> Appearance >> menu.
    2. Click on link drop-down box will be open.
    3. In Link text set Home and in URL set the URL which appear when your theme load, because it is your     home  page URL.
    4. In menu setting -> mark checked for Primary menu.
    5. Save the setting and reload your website.

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • Imported dummy data
    Fed up now!

    Import WordPress

    Failed to import portfolio_categories ALL
    Failed to import portfolio_categories Cardiac Clinic
    Failed to import portfolio_categories Diagnosis
    Failed to import portfolio_categories Primary Health Care
    Failed to import portfolio_categories Treatments
    Failed to import “State of Art ”: Invalid post type healthcenter_project
    Failed to import “Child Care Specialist”: Invalid post type healthcenter_project
    Failed to import “Diagnostic Imaging”: Invalid post type healthcenter_project
    Failed to import “Friendly Staff”: Invalid post type healthcenter_project
    Failed to import “Flue Season Continues”: Invalid post type healthcenter_project
    Failed to import “Diabetes and Heart”: Invalid post type healthcenter_project
    Failed to import “Robot Therapy”: Invalid post type healthcenter_project
    Failed to import “Dr. Robin Williams ”: Invalid post type healthcenter_team

  • and a whole host more
  • hi

    Don't fed up. 
    It's an internet speed issue. Just try it again later.

    Before import can follow the steps that i given to you in last comment. 

    Let me know for regarding help.

  • Hi @merseybeat

    Sometimes its happens due to slow Internet speed.

    and kindly create separate ticket for your separate issue , so that we can assist you better.

  • Hi @callitsolutions

    Still you are facing the issue , kindly tell us .

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