How to tailor-make social icons to show?

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I would like to remove some of those social media icons as attached to show, as some of them are not accessible for most of Chinese people here. I also like to change a little bit some of text on a certain button, like the one as attached secondly, I like to change "Read More" to "More" to make it show much more tidy.
 how could I do these? which files shall I change? thanks. @imraz


  • Hi steven_lidi

    Kindly never post multiple query in single thread. Always create a single thread for a single query.

    We are helping you here for your social icon query please create new thread for your button text question.

    Let me know which social icon you are not using so we will help you to remove that one.

    Or you can do this with your self like 

    .footer-sidebar .social .twitter{display:none;}

    In the above css code we have removed twitter social icon if you want to remove facebook then simply replace twitter with facebook and remove the all same .

    Let me know if you have any confusion.

  • what if I want to remove the 3: facebook, twitter and google? thanks. @abhishek

  • Hi steven_lidi

    For remove Facebook,Twitter,Googleplus use the given below css snippet.

    .footer-sidebar .social .facebook , .footer-sidebar .social .twitter,.footer-sidebar .social .googleplus{display:none;}

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • snippet? or custom css under customizing ▸ General settings
    Custom CSS? @abhishek
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