I need to request for a refund on the theme i purchase in Nov 9, 2018. After installing the theme, this theme does not meet my expectations on what this theme can provide. First, the link slider info animation and scrolling speed is too limited. Second, all the modules is fixed, cannot add more modules in the main pages. 


  • Hi fengouyang

    Sure we will refund your money if we are unable to sort out your issues.

    Let me know what the slider speed you need to set we will help you to set that.

    Also please indicate us after which section you want to add your other section or module we will instruct you how you can add other section or module.


  • With the limited customization on the busiprof theme package, I also went ahead and purchase the theme package from In comparison, your theme package (busiprof) is not as good as the package offer by elegantthemes. 

    Could you just proceed with telling me how to get my refund on the busiprof package. 

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