Clients section header / text + tab issues


On my home page (Quality Pro theme), the headers of the Clients section disappeared. How can I get these captions back?

Moreover, when I click on the link of the client icon, the new tab is not open. So my reader leave my homepage.

Though if I’ve correctly ticked the option in the clients settings.

Can you help me to fix this?

By the way, is there a maximum number of client to put in this banner?



The page I need help with:


  • Hi 
    Thanks for contacting to us .
    Check our demo we did not provide  separate title for client , Right There is a common header section for testimonial and client  section . 
    If you want separate header having title and description for client section  like the snapshot  . 

    Let me confirm so that we can assist you better  and provide  you  better  solution.

  • Hi,

    Thanks. Ok, I let the common title for both testimonial and client section as it is provided.

    What about my other queries?  

    tab issues and possibility, or not, to add more companies in the client section.



  • HI @flemoing

    Never bundle multiple issue in single thread .
    Bz it create complexity to handle better support  query . Pls create separate ticket for each issue .
    So that we can assist you better . 
    Closing this ticket . 

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