Color Hex values for default colors

appreciate if you could tell me where I can find the Hex values of the preset colors for theme Spasalon as I would like my table headers to show the exact same background as Menus / buttons / ...  Alternatively please provide me with the values.



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    Use the chrome browser & add THIS extension, this enables you to pick up any color and show its Hex value for that color.

    In customizer settings their is setting to change the skin color of whole theme. You can refer this LINK

    However if its working for your query, then please share your site URL and the screenshot to indicate for which you want the color changes. According to that I will share the custom CSS for the same.

    Let me know again!

  • Thanks Imraz - this I knew already. What I need are Hex values for each of the 9 colors presented by default with the theme. I will then use in the tables created as Header background to have a consistent look and feel. 
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    These are predefined colors:

    Have you tried this chrome browser extension to pick up color in hex formate:

    Let me know about if it works!

  • Works perfectly well. Thanks
  • Glad to help you!

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