Portfolio beug

I started a portfolio with 2 categories, when I click on the first category (12 photos) when I click on full, it puts me the first 8 photos of the category 1 and those of the category2.

where does the problem come from ?

I remeish you


  • Hi 
    Thanks for contacting to us .
    WE have little confusion regarding your issue . 

    Pls more clear about your  issue , what do you want exactly . 

  • Hello,
    here is an example https://2abim.fr/galerie/
    the Architecture category has 24 images and the urbanism category has 4 images.
    if I click on the first image of the category architecture to put it in full screen it indicates me image 1 of 12 instead of of 24 because it mixes the 2 categories

    I hope my explanation is correct

    I remeish you
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