Add new Items to Layout Manager


can I add new sections to the Layout Manager and if so, how? At the moment there are the basic 7 but the won't be enough for our project. If not, can I transform the main page into a real page, so I can edit the whole thing without customizer and therefore have way more opportunities?

Many thanks, Jürgen


  • Hi jscheurer

    Sorry you can not add one more section to the layout manner because its required lots of code customization.

    Let me know after which section you want to show one more section so we can help you to add more section on front page.

  • Hi,

    best would be to customize the whole front page. I would preferably change it myself through "Pages" but there is no page for the front page. You know what I mean?

    #2 Other than that, I would like to have a new section after service where I can add headlines, text as well as images.

    #3 Also I would like to add a text box for a description below the slider headline

    Best, Jürgen
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