Custom pages based on content.

Custom pages based on content.
Besides what is on the home page, services section, very useful to present products and services that a company offers, is it possible to customize the pages of the graphic theme in order to obtain something similar to what I report here?
In short, it is a series of boxes with a brief description of the services or products offered, which then via a relative link to the presentation pages of the individual services or products.
Is it possible to customize the pages so that each page contains a different widget on the right or left side, which lists in short the text associated with the page in question?
How can I do everything?
On the page who we are, I would like to put a list with a brief description of those who are part of the team, maybe even thumbnail photos, through a widget.
On the computer repair page with the same method described above I would like to include a short list of the services we can perform.
On the Software Assistance page a short list of services dedicated to this section.
I hope I explained myself.
Is there any way to do something like this?


  • custom page service.png
  • Hi, @fabgan

    For the different page to use different widgets you can use the Restrict Widgets plugin.

    To show team section on a page, use the About us template 
    similarly for service assign service template
    for product/project you can use portfolio template for that page:

    To show products and services via widgets would not be possible, it needs a lot of code customizations.
    To configure the theme refer our Help Documents.

    Let me know if it is useful!

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