Slider posts appear as blog posts

Hi guys,

the three slider posts of my homepage appear as posts in my blog on the same website. Is it possible to exclude those slider posts from the "normal" posts that I want to be shown in my blog?

You can have a look at my blog over here:

If you click into the first blog post called "Hallo Welt" the slider posts appear as previous posts.

I'm looking forward to your help.


  • Hi mandalawpadmin

    You are using this ; plugin for the post on the blog page.

    So kindly go to the plugin setting and uncheck the slider category in the setting like the below screenshot.

    Let me know did it work.

  • Hi mandalawpadmin

    Did your issue resolve?

    If you allow can we close this ticket.


  • Hi Prajapati,

    sorry for not answering. We had a bank holiday over here.

    Indeed, I do use this plugin, but the terms are not included like in your screenshot. So I don't know where to untick the box. I attach a screenshot of how I see this plugin.

    Do you have another hint, how I exclude the slider posts?

  • Hi mandalawpadmin

    Kindly let me know if you click the taxonomy dropdown then what is showing.

    kindly take a look in screenshot ;

  • Hi Prajapati,

    Thanks for the hint. Now I've clicked all the categories excluding slider, but still it shows the slider posts in my blog.

    Please, have a look at the attached files:

    * WPShowPosts: the categories I clicked
    * FirstPost: the REAl first blog post (Hallo Welt), yellow mark on the text 'previous post' which shouldn't appear
    * SliderPost: the first of three slider posts included in my blog

    Well, do you have another idea what I can try?

  • This issue occurs in your site by this plugin Post Custom Templates Lite which you are using for the single post. Because this plugin cannot filter the post.

    For this issue, you can disable the navigation form Post Custom Templates Lite setting like the screenshot     

    And if you want to show the navigation in blog template then you can enable the navigation in  Wp Show Post plugin like the screenshot

    Let me know your issue resolve.


  • Hi Prajapati,

    thanks for your tip. But when I do what you suggested, the previous/next post navigation disappears. I don't see any navigation anymore.

    Any tip for that? Thanks in advance.
  • edited November 2018

    Yes navigation will disappear from the single post  but you can show the navigation on the blog page here

     Like the screenshot, you can show the navigation in blog page


  • Hi Prajapati,

    the pagination box is clicked but there are no navigation icons anywhere.
  • Hi mandalawpadmin

    If still did not show the pagination then kindly share your site admin details on my email id so we can do this for you.

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