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Your documentation mention the template aboutus-faq.php for About Us with Faq Page. That template is missing from the theme folder.

Can you please provide us this template?


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    To add  new template that is Aboutus-Faq .

    Create Aboutus-Faq.php file in your child theme directory and copy the code from the Aboutus-Faq.txt file (which is given below in the attachment )

    Now you will find  a new template that is Aboutus-Faq   at template selection option into the page window .


  • You forgot to include the file aboutus-faq.txt
  • Hi 

    Kindly find the file at above post  its sometime happened due to uploading error .

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    The file you provided includes the Testimonials and Our Team. It doesn't include the FAQ section.

    1. I would rename this template aboutus-team-testimonials.php

    2. Switch the order Our Team should come before Testimonials

    3. Please provide the correct aboutus-faq.php template with the FAQ section.

    The best if you can provide us a template that has all 2 sections (FAQ, Our Team, Testimonials) and ability to comment out a section and arrange the order of the sections.

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  • See attached images
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  • Hi 
    Now I Clearly understand your issue .

    Follow the given below instruction .

    1 Delete the child theme file Aboutus-Faq.php .

    2 Create aboutus-team-testimonials.php file in your parent theme directory and copy the code  from  aboutus-team-testimonials.txt (which is given belwo in the attachment ) then past into it .


  • ok where is the file aboutus-team-testimonials.txt?

    and how about a file aboutus-faq-team-testimonials.txt?
  • Hi 

    Find  both these two file and use it into parent theme directory with .php extension.

    aboutus-team-testimonials.txt  for team and  testimonial section .

    2  aboutus-faq-team-testimonials.txt for  FAQ , team and testimonial sections .

    Kindly find the attachment .
  • The testimonials in the 2 template you just provided aboutus-team-testimonials.txt and aboutus-faq-team-testimonials.txt do not appear in a one row stroller like the home page and the services template.

    It doesn't look good. Please fix these two templates so the testimonials will look in a one row sider like the home page and services.

    Also a plain testimonials.txt template is needed that is based on the Default template and just includes area for text with all Testimonials below it arranged in one column only (no scrolling).

    For example: the testimonials.txt template should have all the testimonials in one column similar to the way they look here: http://www.compukol.com/testimonials/

    Thank you,

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    Oh Yes I forgot you tell  , You also have to  include  js on this page .

    So Open and edit the index-testimonials.php file of your parent theme  ,   Then  add the  below line of code  at end of the  file . 

    <script src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/js/carufredsel/jquery.carouFredSel-6.2.1-packed.js"></script>

    Let me know for further assistance.


  • Since this change was done on the parent theme are you going to include it in future updates?

    Also what about a separate testimonials.php template for use on a stand alone Testimonials page where all the testimonials are arranged in one column as I described in my previous message?
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     Yes , do changes in parent theme .

    Is Your aboutus with testimonial and faq section issue  resolved .

    Kindly tell me first  And Create separate  ticket for your   testimonials.php template  issue .

    So that we can handle support query properly , And Assist you better.


  • yes thank you. Created separate ticket for testimonials template.
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