Featured images doesn't shows in Project and Testimonies sections.

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We have Busiprof Pro installed and we've configured our Projects and testimonies with each featured image, but in the index page, all images doesn't appears.
Could you help us?.
Thanks for all!


  • HI 
    Thanks for contacting to us . 
    Which version of theme are you using . In our latest  version of theme we have managed testimonial section via customizer section . 
    Refer this link to manage testimonial section . 
    TO manage Project section refer this link . 

    Let us know for further assistance . 


  • Our theme is BusiProf Pro Versión: 1.9.9

    Sorry, I was wrong. I wanted to refer to the "Project" and "Our Team" sections, which do not load the featured images properly.

    Both sections was configured via WordPress Control Panel, in their respective sections.

    Thanks for the comments.
  • Hi
    Glade to know that it's resolve .
    Look forward see you again at webriti.

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