How can I add Search on the Home Page?

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How can I add a search widget on the Home page? Preferably either on the right side of the menu bar or below the social icons on the top right side.



  • Hi 
    If you want snap shot (which is given below in the attachment )type layout  then   follow this .

    For this you have to create a Child theme

    To create a child theme  follow this link
    After creating a child theme follow the given below instructions :

    Firstly create a header.php file into the child theme directory

    then copy the code from header.txt (which is given below in the attachment ) file and

    paste into header.php file of your child theme directory.

    and save the changes.


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    Did your issue resolve ?

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    Yes the code you provided did place the search widget on the menu bar. Thank you.

    However, the search widget is not vertically aligned within the height of the menu bar. Also it needs to be moved slightly to the right to make room for additional menu entries on the menu bar. Please provide a fix.

    Take a look to see what I mean regarding the alignment here:
  • Also it looks like the header.txt file you provided messed up the logo. The word "off" seem to appear to the left of the logo. Take a look and please fix.
  • I fixed the problem of the word "off" appearing to left of the logo.
    You have an extra line with the code: <?php echo $hc_current_options['hc_texttitle'] ; ?> after the ,H1> tag in
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    For this Go To

    Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Option Panel
    >> Quick Start  >> Then
    Find  Custom Css  FieldThen copy past below css code into this fields 

    .search_head {

    You can also increase  or decrease the size of margin-top property as you want .

  • Than you. It worked.
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