Demo data

Hi there
I have imported the demo data but I get the following message:

[ERROR] Failed to import "40H" (Medien)

What is the Problem?

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  • Hi, @andreab

    Download all the files from the link .

    Download the plugin One Click Demo Import and import all three downloaded files respectively as like in the screenshot:

    Now select the primary menu in Menu settings then set it as your primary menu. At last, don't forget to save menu.

    Please Note:- In your case, you already imported dummy-content XML file. So now it's better to try after resetting your database. But while resetting you will lose all your WordPress posts, pages, comments etc & it just becomes as fresh WordPress installedDo rest your database at your own risk. You can use the plugin WordPress Reset for the same.

    Let me know did it work.

  • Unfortunately, it did not work out. I have uninstalled wordpress and I have followed all the steps as described. It does not show the primary menu at all.
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  • Hi
    To show primary menu refer below link . 

    Let us know for further assistance . 

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