How can I add multiple addresses to the Contact Us page?

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Our business has 3 business locations. How can I add all 3 addresses and corresponding phone/fax to the Contact Us page and footer?


  • Hi 

    Are you want Such type Contact Page Layout .

     Pls Find the attachment . And if  You want different type of layout  Kindly send us screen shot of the page.


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  • Yes this layout would be perfect. However, instead of the "Get In Touch" header repeating for each address it should have the flexibility to add the branch name.

    See how currently the addresses are listed on the old website home page at:
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    The  first address section managed from  Option Panel >>  Contact Page .

    And for remaining to custom address .

    For this you have to create a Child theme

    To create a child theme  follow this link
    After creating a child theme follow the given below instructions :

    Firstly create a contact-us.php file into the child theme directory

    then copy the code from contact-us.txt (which is given below in the attachment ) file and

    paste into contact-us.php file of your child theme directory.

    and save the changes.
    After the above Step  Follow the given below instruction 
    1  Open and   Edit your contact-us.php file of  your child  .
    2  Find these different line of text  which is  
       Enter Branch name
       Enter Address Line One 
       Enter Address Line two
       Enter phone no here 00963606365 
       Enter fax  No Here 

    And replace and edit  with your custom text .

  • You did not include the contact-us.txt file in your response. Please add it.

    Thank you
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    Sorry for your inconvenience . 

    Pls find the contact-us.txt file .


  • Thank you that did it.
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