Upgrade free to PRO is so confusing...

I have installed the free version of Appointment Theme in my Azure Wordpress and chose the Appointment Blue interface. And spend hours and hours to customize, and decided to buy the PRO (because Appointment Theme is a amazing theme how I never seen before!) and I dont know hot to upgrade to pro without loosing alll my editions.
At help.webriti.com the instructions are:
  1. Download your PRO theme package
  2. Deactivate your current lite theme.
  3. Install your PRO theme package using WP-dashboard or paste your theme folder inside [www.domainname.com /wp-content/themes/] using FTP.
  4. Now your PRO theme will displaying in theme settings. Delete Lite theme then activate your PRO theme.
How to delete the free version without lose all my customizations?? I'm so confuse.


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