How to put articles under pages.

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 I know how to create pages, for example blog page, but after i created the page, how can i add blog under this "Blog page"?



  • Hi 
    Thanks for contacting to us . .
    If you want page like  our demo blog page 
    For  this you need to use blog  right side  template . 
    More help see the snapshot .

    Let us know for further assistance . 


  • Hi Akhilesh,

    You misunderstand me, sorry for my poor english.
    1. What is the difference between PAGES and CATEGORY?
    I know how to add posts into catetory, but i don't know how to add articles under pages.

    i mean, how can i add new post into Blog page(My blog is a page, not a category)?
    For example, i will write blog every day, how can i put the articles into Blog page? (when i add new post, there is no such a category named blog)

  • Hi 
    Once  if you create blog page template .
    After that when you publish new post , it will automatically show in blog page . 
    No need to extra work . 

  • Hi,

    For example, i have a Blog Page, and i also have 2 sub-page: Blog1 and Blog 2

       >>>Blog 1
       >>>Blog 2

    When i create new post, some times i want it only shows in Blog 1, and some new posts, i only want it show in Blog 2. 

    If i don't want create post catetory, how can i realize that function? 
  • Hi 
    Thanks For clear  your need . 
    This functionality can we achieved only after creating  blog category . 
    For this  Go to  Step 1 
    1   WP Admin <<  Post Tab << Then find add new category  option  .
    2 Create Category and assign post , as you want to show .
    Step 2 
    The go to appearance << Menu   << Find Categories  option  << select Category << Click on  Add to menu  button .

    Then Finally click on Save Menu Button .

    See the snapshot it will help you .

    Let me know for any confusion.

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