Mobile can not show the categories list


When i visit my site via computer, the category list can drop down as soon as i put mouse on PRODUCTS, but when i visit site by phone, there is a problem:
When i click Products, the page is jump into PRODUCTS, not show the products categories list!

I wan my phone can show the products list when i click products, This is very very important, thank you very much for any help. 


  • Hi woolars

    For this, you need to create the custom menu of the parent menus. You can create all parent menu as the custom menu like the below screenshot

    Let me know menu work on mobile.

  • hi prajapati,

    Thank you for your reply. But if i delet the URL, the products category will be a dead button. 
    How can i reserve the link on computer side as well as delete the link on phone side?

    I just want when i move on products, it could show the categories. not make it as dead link.

    Thank you
  • Hi woolars

    Ok for this we have to customize the code in the menu library so kindly let me know are you using the child theme.

    If you did not using child theme then we will provide the child theme with customized code and if you already using child the then we will provide you only code so you can add in your existing child theme.


  • Hi woolars

    Did your issue resolve?

    If you allow can we close this ticket.


  • H Prajapati, 

    Question unsolved. And i have a child them, could you plz tell me what's next to do?

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    Hi woolars

    Kindly download the below child theme and after follow the below steps.

    1. Open the child theme folder and copy the function folder and paste this folder in your child theme directory.
    2. Copy the header.php code and paste this code in your child theme header.php file.
    3. Open your child theme function.php file and paste the below line of code in last.

    require( get_stylesheet_directory() . '/functions/menu/busiprof_nav_walker.php');

    Let me know did it work.

  • I used your code and my site suddenlly dead. 


    HTTP ERROR 500

    I deleted your code but still can not recover. Plz tell me how to do?
  • Hi woolars

    This code working fine in our end kindly share FTP login details my email address. So that we can check what's going wrong with your end.  

  • OK,. email sent to you , plz kindly check and help.

    Thank you in advance.
  • edited September 2018
    Plz don't ask me to allow your IP, i don't know how to allow. 
    Feel free to use my ip and user name.  Email has been sent to you, my site is dead for two days because of these code.
    I am in a hurry and very urgent. Plz don't wast time and solve the problem.

    Thank you if you could sove this problem APAP. 
  • Hi woolars

    Kindly check your site we have your issue and please let me know.

  • Hi woolars

    Resolved over email.

    Closing this ticket.


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