On Mobile View left and right space/ Margin

i have bought the busipro theme but now iam using another theme too. i change becaus i want use busiprof in my other website.
but i have a problem in my theme now. on mobilephone view i have a problem the content box i want to see it on my phone in full size i have always left and right this margin. how can i remove the margin. i will thank u a lot if u help me and i will recommend all my friends because ur service is the best.


  • i forget to post the link of my website http://www.Funkexperte.de
  • HI 
    Thanks for contacting to us . 
    Sure we will remove the margin , firstly activate busiprof theme , then give us website url . 
    The url you shared showing other theme . 
    If possible give snapshot by indicating space would you want to  remove in mobile view of the website . 
    So that we  can assist you better . 

  • The Problem with the Space is not in the busiprof theme its on this theme what ist now activated. I know i dont have any Support for this theme here But i dont have anyone other who can help me in this Problem
  • Hi @funkexperte
    Hmmm Sorry to say that , but we do not provide other theme support on our support forum . 

    I am closing this ticket . 

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