I can not adapt images automatically (unresponsive)

Good morning. I don't know if this depends on my mistake or is a limit of the template. If I insert any image in a page or article (add media), the image does not fit devices like smartphones or tablets. The image is cut on the right side.

If the template can not do it automatically, do you know any plugins?

Thank you


  • I did not notice any image in this URL that gets cut on the right side on the desktop as well on the mobile device. Please share the screenshot where this happens.
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    Hi @imraz, I fixed the problem temporarily by inserting a 100% width. I would like to know, however, if the template can do it automatically regardless of the width of the image and without having to set the width in percent.

  • Hi, @federcounseling

    We generally add attribute 100% to make things responsive. So here for the image it works. If you don't want a responsive image give the size in px.

    Hope your query now resolved, if it is please allow us to close this ticket.

  • Thank you @imarz. Close this ticket as well
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