Email encryption in WBR Header Info

Hi All,

I would like to encrypt my mail address on my web site. With the Plugins "EMail Address Encoder" or "Email Encoder Bundle – Protect Email Address" i can encrypt the e-mails on the pages. These Plugin are not working in your Widget "WBR Header Info".

How can i protect the mails in the WBR Header info?

thank you for yur help.

best rgds Dieter


  • Hi All,

    i have found a solution for my problem.

    I have changed the lines from 44 to 46 of the file busiprof-header-widget.php for using the function trim().

        <a href="<?php echo trim($instance['link']); ?>"<?php echo trim($instance['target']?'target="_blank"':''); ?>>
        <?php if(!empty($instance['description'])) { ?>
        <?php echo trim($instance['description']); ?>

    best rgds


  • Hello
    Thanks  for sharing your  knowledge base .
    Really excellent !
    Look forward see you again at webriti. 

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