Footer widget area

Hi, I am having trouble using the Awesome fonts in the footer widget area.

What I have now:

Name Last Name
Telephone 12345678

What I would like is to change the words "Telephone" and "Email" to the Awesome font fa-phone and fa-envelope.
The phone number and e-mail address must stay plain text so no interaction when you hoover over or click them.

Possibly this can be done with HTML, can you help?


  • Hi, @nijos76

    Please share your site URL with a screenshot where you want to replace these words i.e. Telephone & Email.
  • Hi Imraz, you can visit my website here.

    Scroll down to the bottom, in the footer at the left my details.

    It is a normal Text widget, and I assume what I want can be done with HTML, but I do not have enough knowledge for that.

    I have tried the WBR widget, but with these I cannot get everything aligned to the left.

    Thanks for your support.
  • Hi, @nijos76

    Use the custom HTML widget to place in your footer widget area instead of the text widget. And paste the code in it from

    Let me know if further need any assistance!

  • That works! Thank you, please close the ticket.
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