Change color in header


I have adjust the color in the header, thanks to you (you gave me a code for that)
. But in some browsers (for example Internet Explorer) on some devices (sometimes mobile, sometimes desktop) the color that is still the old color (black).

Can I fix that problem aswell?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi, @emmely

    Please share your site URL with a screenshot marking the section which does not take effects on other applications.
  • Hi,

    The URL is See here the screenshot of the section which does not take effects on other applications:

    The code I currently use is:

    .top-header-widget {
        background-color: #ffffff !important;}

    As you can see it works on my Mac but on other devices it sometimes doesn't :-( 
  • Hi, @emmely

    It's working fine at our end. Please try again after deleting your browser's cache memory.

    Let me know did it work!
  • Strange enough worked it. Thanks tho :-) 
  • Glad to help you :)

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