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Please answer my question. I need to change Facebook icon in a header (in social links). I would like to put there Vkontakte icon (Russian social network).
What file shall I edit in the editor?


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    See the snapshot and confirm us Want to replace Facebook icon to Vkontakte Icon like the snapshot . 

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  • Yes, you are right. I'd like to change this icon. I can edit your code by myself. What file shall I change.
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    To replace Facebook   icon  with VK  icon follow the given below instruction . 

    1 Find the header.php file located in your theme folder  , Open it and find the below line of code on line no  112. 

     $social .='><i class="fa fa-facebook"></i></a></li>';

    2 Replace it with below line of code . 

    $social .='><i class="fa fa-vk"></i></a></li>';

    Enter your vk url inside the  Facebook   field available in  customizer>> header setting >> social link . 

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