Left aligning the title and the text for projects/portfolio

I have created a page here: http://thecloudandme.com/ip/ that uses the Portfolio categories and has two projects in it. Right now the project titles and text is centered. How do I left align the titles and the either left align or justify the text below the title? 

projects centered.JPG


  • Also, how do I change the order of the projects so that my current project on the right becomes the project on the left and the current left one becomes the one of the right?
  • Hi, @fawadkhan

    Paste the below custom CSS in your theme's custom CSS box:

    /*portfolio caption*/
    /*portfolio caption*/

    To reorder the project sequence, use the Post Types Order plugin

    Let me know if it worked!

  • Also, is it possible for me to add a link inside the text I have added for the projects?
  • Hi,

    Project edit page already has the option to add your own link to the project title. Please see the screenshot

    Let me know please if this makes sense to you!
  • Hi, 

    Is any update here?
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