Having the following issues


A few issues I am running into...

1. on the homepage, the background color of the dropdown menus should be #b20707 (red) and it seems like there should also be a line that goes above the slider images that should be the same color.  All of the other pages have this correctly, but the homepage does not.  The background color is missing from the "team section" toward the bottom of the page as well (saved draft).  I just cant seem to find where to manipulate that setting.

2. Where do I upload photos for the team members?

3.  Can I use any of the sections and just upload a static image?

4. How do I change the project pages section to reflect different pages from our site?  And where do I change the photos?

5.  The theme is only showing on the desktop version of the site.  How do we fix this?  When I pull up the site on my phone, it defaults to a different theme and I don't know how to manipulate it to just show the busiprof theme.  


  • Hello
    Thanks for contacting to us . 
    Never bundle multiple issue in single thread , bz it create complexity to handle better support query . 
    Bz multiple issue in single thread create complexity to handle better support query . 
    So always open new ticket for each query . 
    Now To upload phto for the team member refer our help docs link . 
    To set up content in our theme read our theme help docs link . 
    Most of the answer you can get from the hep docs link . 

    Let us know for any confusion . 

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