I cannot upgrade my appointment theme

Hi, there,

I purchased the appointment pro theme, but when I returned to the page to download an updated version it is not displayed in my account. It only gives me the option to renew my subscription.

I have error 500 on my page when editing and I can't do anything about it.

Could you help me?



  • Hello 
    We have checked your subscription have been expired . 
    You can use theme lifetime  only support  and update get  for one Year . 
    According to our policy  you can get support and theme update for one year .

    After completion of one year if you continue want  support and theme update then need to renew theme package subscription . 
    More info read our term and condition .

  • How could I download the latest version I had access to before my subscription expired?
  • Hi
    Now to get only one way is , you need to renew your subscription .

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