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Dear staff,

I would like to move the default image on the Contact template to the left. I added a form to the page and aligned the text using html code   to make it look good on the mobile. But it doesn't look good on the desktop because it is wrapping around due to lack of space.

Can you help me with CSS code to shift the whole logo to the left? The URL is: and I've attached a screenshot. Thank you in advance.


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    For this Add the below css code inside the Appearance >> customzier>> Additional css box . 

    @media (min-width: 1200px) {
    .page-template-contact .contact .container {
        width: 1400px ! important;

    Let me know for further assistance 

  • Thank you so much akhilesh. It worked perfectly. Go ahead and close please.
  • Glad to help you! @akaveh

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