http and https problem


I purchased Bluehost SSL and activated it, my setting about also set
when i visit,  the url will pop up as, which is not right.

I can assure that yesterday is normal, yesterday it will automatically transfer to https;//
Maybe it is because i changed something, for example, addithinal css, Plugins, and the email etc.

Could you plz help me what can i do?

Thank you


  • only when i visit or have this problem, if i click any part of the site, it will turn to https.
  • Hello Dear
    Additional css and email  did not effect on the url . 
    Firstly deactivate plugin you have activate and if still does not resolve your issue . 
    Pls contact  Bluehost SSL Support team . Hope they will better suggest you . 

    Sorry for your inconvenience . 
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