Contact message sent successful but can not receive.

plz check

I installed and set Mail bank fine, and contact message can sent but can not receive.  (attachment1)
I also tried test email, it show sent succesful, but still not receive.   (attachment 2)

Thank you for your quick reply.
test email.jpg


  • Additional info:
    I am using Blue Host as server. And sending email is [email protected]  

    If i set [email protected] as receive email, both contact form 7 and widget can not receive email.
    If i set [email protected] as receive email, widget can receive email, but contact form 7 can not receive.

    Plz let me know what is the probelm, and how can i set [email protected] as receive email, and all email can receive?

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    Your MAIL BANK plugin has Mailer Type setting with options as follows:

    *If you are using "Use The PHP mail() Function" then please contact your hosting service provider.
    *If you are using "Send Email via SMTP" then fill the correct SMTP settings. If you don't know SMTP contact service provider to get details.

    Use Email address which you have saved in WordPress General setting to receive your emails.

    Let me know did it work!

  • Hi Imraz, 

    Thank you for your reply. 

    I set mail setting well.  my problem is i can receive message for the footer widget, but i can not receive message from contact page form 7. 

    Which means, footer contact function is work, and contact page form 7 is not work.

    Awaiting your kind reply.

  • Please confirm have you set the same Email address to receive your contact emails for contact form 7 which you have configured with Mail Bank plugin. It should be the same:

    Let me confirm, please 
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