Contact page can not sent message.


1. Plz check attahchment 1, we can not sent message, it always say there is an error. How can i make it work?
2. Plz check attachment 2, i also have a footer contact area, it says sent successfully, where can i find these message?
3. How can i make these message sent to my email?



  • Hi, @woolars

    Please follow the link to configure contact form email:

    Let me know is it helpfull!

  • Hi Akhilesh, 

    I am using Bluehost, and i tested both  wp-mail-bank  and  may use  WP-smtp. Both tell me set succesfull.

    1. I sent test email, it says send sucessful, but i never receive the email.
    2. I also tested sent message from my contact page     it says sent successful, but can not receive email.

    Could you plz help me with this, really appreciate.
  • WP-Smtp have new feedback:

    EMAIL DELIVERY ERROR: WP Mail SMTP plugin logged this error during the last time it tried to send an email:

    Mailer: Default (none)
    PHPMailer was able to connect to SMTP server but failed while trying to send an email.

    Consider running an email test after fixing it.

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